Good Reading Speed – Exactly what is a Good Reading Speed?

speed-readingBoth U.S Presidents, John F Kennedy and Jimmy Carter were excellent speed readers. For many years, specific individuals have claimed to be able to read 10 000 words per minute, even 25 000 words per minute. The concern is – does reading at this rate still allow the reader to comprehend the details, or does he miss out on important realities?

Through research it is certainly developed that a faster reading rate does enhance understanding. When reading slowly, word-for-word, the brain’s focus is on each specific word and in reading this method it is tough to comprehend the relationship in between sentences and the general principles which the writing is trying to communicate. When checking out bigger groups of words simultaneously, as speed readers do, the brain has the ability to process the details together as a whole and understand it’s meaning.

This is good, however exists an ideal reading speed for ideal understanding and can there be a rate that is really too quick for comprehending functions? In the World Championship Speed Reading Competition, top entrants check out around 1000 to 2000 words per minute. When speed reading, always first figure out the reading purpose and the type of details to be read. A great speed reader should be able to identify when adjustment of speed is essential. On the other hand, Howard Stephen Berg checks out at 25 000 words per minute and asserts to be the fastest reader worldwide.

He has actually appeared on numerous tv series, consisting of ‘Cleveland’s Morning Exchange’ and ‘On Live with Regis and Kathie Lee’, to show his reading abilities. On TELEVISION he had the ability to check out a 1100 page book, and when tested on the information he was able to answer all the questions without difficulties. 3 years after checking out that book, he was tested once again and again scored a perfect recall. Amazing! These abilities can benefit many people with different job descriptions. You don’t have to check out at 10 000 words per minute or even 2000 words per minute. A little increase in speed will help you to complete the required work. Trainees will undoubtedly benefit a great deal from speed reading, however it will also have advantages in professions like law and public relations. People in these professions and others are needed to read big amounts of information. For instance, an attorney will need to sift through files and files to get ready for court hearings. Someone who likes to check out, but has little time, would take pleasure in being able to speed read.

Particular occupations, however, are not ideal for speed reading. Editors and proofreaders need to carefully examine works for grammar and spelling mistakes. Speed reading would definitely cause them to miss some of the mistakes! Overall, a person needs to select the speed reading technique that is suitable for his/her functions along with the best speed for his/her product. Enjoy the speed that works well for you and prevent rating yourself on other’s claims of achievements.

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